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In a consulting assignment, we support you with an analysis, based on which we develop, or with the appointed stakeholders, we co-develop a strategy, a concept, or a roadmap. When addressing specific operational or organizational aspects, the outcome is typically a document that enables the management to leverage various efficiency increase opportunities, while when focusing on a future-proof business model, the concept presented will outline options of transformation, value innovation, and value capture – subordinated to a re-thought organizational purpose.


We provide services for conducting studies focusing in product, target customer, pricing strategy, competitors and strategies for corporate growth. Scope of the studies including customer satisfaction and loyalty, market intelligence market expansion, product development, and business development models. Our researcher possesses both the strategic capabilities and the skills required for successful project implementation.


Using the proven methodology or by providing agile training, we coach/mentor staff level to executives who are key in realizing the transformation or are internally assigned to lead a change management project. The delicate focus on “the” individual significantly increases the chances for personal, departmental, and corporate success and resilience as well as facilitates the shift of perspectives that will put your corporate on a new growth path.


The assessment division assists clients in the employee selection and evaluation process, both through psychological tests and competency tests. In conducting tests for prospective employees, we always uses the latest test methods and materials, followed by in-depth interviews with prospective employees in an effort to obtain good quality human resources, according to client needs. On your behalf, we get involved in the human resource development, represent your interest and safeguard your investment!

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